About Us

 Find out about our backstory, our company values and the quality we want to offer to you as a guest. 

Our story

How We Got Started

Having fallen in love with mountain biking and having been well know for exactly that we were very happy  and honored to be approached by the Ski School Kaprun, our partner company, owned by dear friends, to occupy their office over summer for the purpose of bringing biking to the people. With the help of a ton of people, we were able to build up the Bike School Kaprun throughout the Winter of 2021/22 and, moving into our first year of operation, are more than happy to welcome riders of all skill levels to explore Kaprun and its surrounding trails with us.

What are our values

First and foremost, a bike school should be there to offer a safer way to explore the sports and provide insight, knowledge, and basic training. However, promoting biking is also a matter of working against global warming and fostering environmentally friendly habits when commuting. Our contributions in the fields are hopefully changing mindsets towards bike riding in everyday life such as groceries and short distance commutes. 

Who we are

The core of this company is made up by me, your narrator, Maria Steiner, and Jelle Beenker as the trick machine and mechanic of the company.  We could probably be described as overly motivated for action sports but nonetheless always down to earth. Coming from Snowboarding, we were in desperate need of something similarly exciting for summer. That’s where we found biking. And being nature and sports lovers that already have experience with biking and teaching, opening a bike school aligned perfectly with our values and skills.

Projects and Collaborations

We intend to make our projects and collaborations align with our values. For example, this spring, in collaboration with G-out Tuning, we started an initiative for children of low-income families in which we upcycle second-hand mountain bikes and give them away for free. More on the project can be read in the G-out Tuning Blog. We made sure that partner brands follow an environmentally friendly approach to their business and all our future projects will be planned under strict guidelines, ensuring less harm for the environment and more time spent biking and exploring nature.


Maria Steiner

Maria Steiner

Being your narrator on this website, I’d like to introduce myself. I am your organizer and specialist when it comes to combining the uphill and the downhill. As a kaprun local I will show you the best places and introduce you to the local culture and the technical trails around the area. 

Jelle Beenker

Jelle Beenker

Jelle’s BMX background makes him a natural on the mountain bike. His specialities are jumps and creative lines. Besides that, he also owns his own shop, doing mountain bike services and repairs. With him you are right on the source for everything you might need as a mountain biker.

    Sander Van Der Eijk

    Sander Van Der Eijk

    Sander is an experienced instructor in winter and summer sports. He is the perfect all arounder and will improve your mtb skills in no time. With Sander you’ll get high-quality bike training and someone who’s extremely hyped about the this amazing outdoor sports.  

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